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Our Story

LEGITswim LLC is Black woman-owned and operated.  We provide water safety and wellness programs to underserved communities in the DMV area by partnering with private pool owners and securing funding to operate year-round. Our goal is to reach 200 new swimmers in 2024, offering support and guidance to those eager to learn the art of swimming.

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Our Mission

At LEGITswim LLC., our mission is to build a community where water and wellness seamlessly come together to create programs tailored for families like yours. Imagine energizing aquatic workouts, skill-building swim sessions, and expert coaching, all designed to accommodate your dynamic lifestyle.

Our Vision

Our vision is to not only focus on swimming--we want to emphasize that water leisure can be a holistic journey that transforms not only your strokes but your family's well-being. Join us in making wellness fun, impactful, and a shared adventure for our community. Let's lead healthier, happier lifestyles together.

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Equitable Swimming Training for a United Community

 Minority representation in swimming tends to be lower compared to other demographics, partly due to historical and socio-economic factors, including limited access to swimming facilities, cultural barriers, and disparities in swimming education. However, organizations like LEGITswim LLC and others aimed at promoting swimming and water safety in urban communities are working to address these disparities and increase minority participation in the sport. 


Let's discuss how our programs align with your goals. This ensures that we tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs and objectives. Send us an email or schedule a discovery call, anytime.


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